How to choose a Massage School

Massage StudentsInform yourself what the requirements to practice massage in your area are. If massage is not regulated by the state/province it might be by your city. Based on these requirements, start looking for a curriculum that meets or exceeds these requirements. It makes sense to find more that one program. Always get information from more than one school, if possible.


Once you found your ideal program, study the curriculum and see if it matches your interests. Keep in mind, in order to be a successful massage therapist you need to learn not only the massage modalities and techniques; you also need anatomy and physiology, and marketing and business-skills training.
You will find schools that can offer basic training, it is fine but sooner or later you might need to take marketing classes anyway.
The longer programs are usually better; don't try to take the shortest program possible.

Do your Research about the Massage School

Review staff qualifications and experience. It is important to learn from someone experienced. Ask if the school offers financial aid, if you need it. Ask for an open class, or clinic shadowing.

Ask about the school's placement services and check how successful they are at helping their graduates finding jobs. Check the school's age and reputation, this not always indicative of the school’s quality.

Some massage associations require students to pass an exam, check the success pass rate of the school. This is very important in choosing your school. Check the schools clinic and see how busy it is. If it's busy, it's for a good reason. Take a few massage sessions at the school's clinic.


The school's accreditation could be another factor, but should not be decisive in your decision, because you could great smaller schools, that can't afford the accreditation fees. The Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) accreditation is an US national accreditation. This means that your training, if you choose a COMTA accredited school, will have national recognition. COMTA only accredits programs with 600hours or more.

Search a massage school near your home. Get updated information about massage programs from schools directly.
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