Cheap Feet Massage

Feet massage is one of the easiest forms of massage to get for free. I am not talking about practitioner conducted massage sessions, although these are awesome. I am talking about a feet massage that you could get at anytime during the summer and doesn’t cost a penny.

River Feet Massage

For instance, you can just take off your shoes and your socks and walk outside with your bare feet. Don’t avoid rough surfaces, your feet will get used with the pain in time and this is a sign that the pressopuncture did function. 
Things to avoid when walking barefoot: do not walk barefoot the temperature drops below 25 degrees Celsius, and avoid places where you can cut your feet. 

Another place to get nice feet massage is on a shallow fast flowing river.
Find a spot with a beautiful view, bring a plastic chair with you and let the fast flowing water massage your feet. Change your feet position often so that you get to massage the entire area of your feet. I used to go out on my lunch break and get a feet massage for 15 min in the nearby river. I changed work-place in the mean time and there is no close-by river, but I am still able to take a bare feet walk during my lunch break.

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