Face Massage

Face massageThe face is the most "public" part of our body, is the most seen, and critiqued, and we want to take care of it for our public image. Face massage will have a great effect on your beauty, will help you relax and and will benefit your health in general.

Principles of Face Massage

Face massage is designed to relax the many muscles in the area, promote blood circulation and give the skin a beautiful appearance. The skin, living organ of our body, is in direct relation to our brain. Our skin will therefore respond to the various touch techniques during the massage. Because of the sensitivity of this part of our body, it is important that this treatment is done with delicacy and does not last more than 20 minutes.

The Technique of Face Massage

The masseur will perform the techniques smoothly, without much pressure. Each area of the face can be massaged. A complete session will touch the front, the nose, cheeks and chin, without forgetting the eye contour, which will benefit vastly for this. The use of specific oils can increase the beneficial effects, and will make handling easier for the practitioner and more pleasant for the client. The lubricant can also be a face cream, such as a skin lifting product, or an antiaging cream. But the best results will be obtained with a face massage oil specifically targeted for the client's problem.

Face Massage Benefits

It rejuvenates the skin, and will give firmness, and will also limit the appearance of wrinkles. Face massage has a great calming power, and therefore promotes relaxation and reduces stress. When it is done at night, it helps to elliminate the fatigue accumulated throughout the day. To obtain the best effectiveness in health and beauty, it is best to get a face massage from a professional therapist rather than getting a treatment from untrained people.