Head Massage a Spiritual View

Head Massage as a Spiritual and Healing Art

Head Massage is an old practice with roots on multiple aspects of society. Traditional medicine, spiritual and religious beliefs and family rituals have used head massage as instrument.

Indian Head Massage is an old practice used by Indian families as a grooming ritual. Mothers and Grandmothers pass on the practice to younger generations as necessary routine for the health of the scalp and hair. Mothers would massage their daughters’ scalp on a regular basis. Indian Head Massage uses oils and specific techniques to promote a healthy scalp.

Indian Head Massage is also an old Ayurvedic technique that was passed on to neighbouring regions and spread. The most known of the traditional medicine schools to have preserved and developed head massage are the Traditional Tibetan Medicine and the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Laying on the hands” on the head using oils is a very common practice in the Christianity. The ritual has different significations and is mentioned a few times in the Bible. Some of the significations are imparting blessings, healing ritual, spiritual anointing, removing the sin, etc… In many Christian cults the anointing and laying on the hands has still a powerful signification. This is done on ceremonial occasions for all of the above purposes.

Head Massage is a very complex and yet not well understood practice. It has a great healing potential and it is charged with powerful subconscious symbols and collective spiritual representations. Unfortunately this area is less explored by the science and is too easy labeled as quackery.