What Are the Most Important Massage Tools and Supplies and How to Buy them

How to Choose Massage Supplies

Knowing how to buy massage tools is important for anyone who provides massages, as a professional or as a hobbyist. Knowing what to buy, where to buy, and how to look for the best supplies is key.
Buy quality supplies, even if you are doing this as a hobby. Buying cheap massage oil is a bad idea and is a losing move. 
Try to buy good quality supplies search on Internet for reviews. Amazon is a good place because they have the most competitive prices and you can check the ratings and the comments of other buyers. Ask other therapists what products they use.

What Massage Tools and Supplies Does a Therapist Need

As a minimum, a massage therapist needs the following supplies and tools:

  • Massage table, or massage chair - or both.
  • Towels, sheets and linens, blanket, and face rest covers.
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Depending of therapist’s preference:
  • Massage oils, baby powder, massage lotion, essential oils.

Massage Oils and Massage Lotion

If you apply bad oil on your client's skin, you will lose the client. When you buy your massage oil, don’t look just for the cheapest one, make sure it is a vegetal oil and not mineral oil. Baby oil is not good for the skin. Read the label and research before buying. The same rule goes for the massage lotion. Baby powder is very seldom used for massage because it can cause lung problems. There are safe baby powder products on the market, and if your technique or client requires baby powder choose one that doesn’t contain: DEP or talcum powder.


Alba Botanica Deep Moisturizing Kukui Nut Hawaiian Body Oil, 8.5 oz.

Alba Botanica Deep Moisturizing Kukui Nut Hawaiian Body Oil, 8.5 oz.


Cleaning Supplies

The best cleaning supplies fro a massage practice are the ones that kill all bacteria and microbes.

Surface disinfectant wipes are an easy to use, effective way to clean your table/chair, and everything else in your massage practice.

Massage Table

The massage table needs to accommodate your clients, a wider table will be more comfortable, but for a short practitioner will be harder to use and will affect their back muscles. The table needs to be height adjustable, and foldable if you take outcalls. The upholstery must be easy to clean and comfortable.

Best massage Table

Massage Table Sheets and Linens

Buy cotton sheets and towels, they create less reaction on the skin. Synthetic material creates static electricity and irritates the skin.

Buying face disposable covers makes sense, since they are not too expensive, and provide a highly hygienic environment.

If you have clients that are sensitive to cleaning products, try to buy fragrance free cleaning supplies and hypoallergenic.

Massage Table Sheet Set by Body Linen {White Poly/Cotton} - Extra-Large Sheet for Optimum Coverage and Fit with Standard Size Tables and Face Cradles - Super Soft and Durable for Professional Use

Massage Table Sheet Set by Body Linen {White Poly/Cotton} - Extra-Large Sheet for Optimum Coverage and Fit with Standard Size Tables and Face Cradles - Super Soft and Durable for Professional Use


Professional Electric Massage Tools

There are also tools that try to replace the work of massage therapist. The best massage is always provided by the human touch. However, there are instances when a massage therapist is not available or not suited. There are specific techniques when a massage tool is more efficient than a human is, a good example is the vibration technique. There are extremely rare the therapists that can measure up to the efficiency of an electric massage vibrator. These devices are very useful to massage therapists. There are some good products on the market can aid the therapist doing his work.

Mobile Massage Chairs

We can find a lot of interesting massaging chairs on the market, (also called massage chairs - to not be confused with the massage chairs used for Corporate Massage). 

Look for a chair easy to adjust. Your clients have different bodies and a mobile massage chair needs to be easily adjustable. The more pieces are adjustable the better the chair. Face and seat rest should be very easy to adjust. Check for armrest, chest plate, and knee rest adjustments; these should also be adjustable. Upholstery should be a good quality one, easy to clean and maintain. Durability is also a key point to look for.

Buy The Best Portable Massage Chairs

Hot Stones Massage Toolkit

Buy massage stones from a reputable source. Some of the qualities you are looking in a massage stones kit are:

  • Ability to retain heat for extended periods of time, so you can finish your massage session with hot stones, not cold.
  • Special polish that will make the stones good looking and nice to touch, but will not render them slippery when dipped in oil.
  • The kit needs to include various stone sizes, for laying on the subject and for massaging with them.
  • The large sized massage stones are better at retaining the heat, make sure you have enough of those.

If you don't want to buy a stone heater, you can heat them up in hot water, or in a crock pot to medium. For convenience and safety though I recommend buying a heater as well.

Buy Massage Stones Online

Massage Powder

If you are looking to buy massage powder, you probably won't find it listed as a massage supply item. Massage powder is in fact any baby powder, and what it does is to reduce superficial friction on the skin, so it doesn't irritate too soon.

When you select your massage powder, (baby powder), make sure you choose a product without talcum, because talcum is not very safe if used often enough. An organic powder, such as corn starch powder is very safe and can be used with the same results as a massage powder.

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