Effleurage - The Massage Technique

Effleurage MassageEffleurage is a light massage technique performed in such way that it does not attempt to move the muscles beneath. It is also called gliding. Effleurage is the most used massage movement, it usually starts and ends a massage session and is used as a linking technique between other techniques. Effleurage can be used on any massaged area of the body. Effleurer means in French to touch very lightly, to brush. Despite of the name, the effleurage technique is not necessarily a brush like stroke.

How to Use Essential Oils - An Essential oils Guide

This essential oils guide will help you understand how to use the essential oils, how to combine them and how to use their properties for improving the quality of life. The aromatic plants extracts have been used for thousands of years as a source of healing agents, and it is now gaining more popularity. However, in order to properly use the plants, the essential oils or any other form of extract from plants we need to know their properties and contraindications.

SAMe - A Miracle Dietary Supplement for treating Arthritis Pain, Liver Problems, and Depression

SAMe is reported to be extremely efficient in treating depression, joint pain due to osteoarthritis, and liver problems. SAM-e is the acronym of the scientific name, S-Adenosyl methionine, and the name of the supplement sold in North-America.

Seated Massage or Chair Massage is Convenient and Effective

Chair MassageChair Massage – also known as Seated Massage or On-site Massage Therapy, is a massage type that involves the use of a specially designed massage chair in which the client sits comfortably. Seated massage has evolved and it now includes massage techniques from Shiatsu and Swedish massage, but it can also include pressopuncture or Deep Tissue techniques as required by your customer. It can be provided on-site at a variety of venues including businesses, social events, health fairs, conferences, etc.

Introduction to Massage - Learn a New Skill

Source: Nick J Webb - Flickr.comMassage techniques have been long known as a way to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote general well-being. More and more people learn massage; some just for fun, some for a job, some will learn it as a way to socialize, while others as way to provide care for the loved ones. This article shows why you should learn massage.

Face Massage

Face massageFace massage is one of the best ways to maintain a great look. Your face is you public image, and whether you take care of other body areas or not, you will always have time for your face. Face massage will not only help you to look younger, and more radiant, will also improve your general well being.


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