Indian Head Massage with Oil

Indian Head Massage Techniques

Learn how to do a head massage from a detailed tutorial. This tutorial is meant for anyone who wants to know more about Indian Head Massage and for anybody who would like to learn some great head massage techniques. The tutorial is broken up in three parts, the Standard Head Massage Techniques, the Advanced Techniques of Head Massage, and a Self Head Massage Tutorial.

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Massage Modalities/Types – Most Popular

There are many massage types, or massage modalities as the bodywork geeks call them, and choosing the right one for you is essential for a pleasant and healing massage session. Learn more about massage modalities and see which one is right for you. We list and describe a long list of massage therapies from the world, from Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue to Thai Massage and Shiatsu.

Learn Swedish Massage Techniques

Learn Swedish Massage Techniques

Learn how to give a Swedish massage from an online free tutorial with pictures and videos. Learn all about friction, effleurage, petrissage tapotement, and other cool massage techniques. Knowing how to perform these procedures is the key to a successful massage. While the course is not going to turn you into a registered massage therapist, is probably one of the most complete ones on the web.

Sensual Massage

How To Do Sensual Massage

Learn how to give the best sensual massage to your partner. The best techniques explained, tips and tricks, and the best step by step sensual massage routine.

Giving a sensual massage to someone you love is not difficult, it comes almost natural. You need however, to follow some rules, and learn some specific techniques if you want your massage to be a great success.

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Back Massage Session

I initially started this website with the intention to promote only head massage. I am strong believer in the great therapeutic value of head massage. The western medical system does not credit this wonderful technique much. The western massage school but puts emphasis on muscles, and connective tissue and because the approach of massage. The epithelial tissue, (the skin), and the nervous tissue are not given much importance in the West, hence Indian head massage has no therapeutic value. The fact that the head has so little muscles and connective tissue makes it irrelevant from this perspective. This is absolutely wrong, but unfortunately, there is very little research on the effects of head massage.

I somewhat shifted from my initial intention, and I started to write about other massage therapy modalities and techniques. I still think that head massage is highly overlooked as a therapeutic tool, although is not targeting the same medical problems as Swedish massage and deep tissue.