How To Create Massage Ambiance

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Massage Needs the Proper Ambiance Tips to Make Your Client Comfortable During Massage It is very important for a therapist to ensure the proper atmosphere during the massage session. This is an extremely important sequence of the session and it begins the second you speak, or you meet your new customer. There are a few … Read more

Massage Schools in Canada

Massage therapy is one of the fastest rising occupations in Canada. It is a great career path, with great financial opportunities, and a great working environment. The massage therapist occupation is regulated, and only people with the required training and licensing are allowed to use the term massage therapist when referring to themselves. All provinces … Read more

Nerve Strokes Massage Technique (Feathering)

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Nerve strokes or feathering is a fingertip massage technique that uses very light pressure on the body. Nerve Strokes are considered a light effleurage, (the French term effleurer describes better nerve strokes than the massage gliding), can be performed on almost any permitted part of the body.

Tapotement or Percussion Massage Technique

Pummeling - Fist Tapotement
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Tapotement is Swedish massage technique consisting of rhythmic percussion movements, administered with the edge of the hand, loose fists, cupped hand, or the fingers. Tapotement is performed in a rhythmic way, with fast pace, usually alternating hands. 
The term Tapotement comes from the French word “tapoter” which means to tap. Tapotement is very often referred to as massage percussion.

Effleurage – The Massage Technique

Effleurage Massage
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Effleurage is a light massage technique performed in such way that it does not attempt to move the muscles beneath. It is also called gliding. Effleurage is the most used massage movement, it usually starts and ends a massage session and is used as a linking technique between other techniques. Effleurage can be used on any massaged area of the body. Effleurer means in French to touch very lightly, to brush. Despite of the name, the effleurage technique is not necessarily a brush like stroke.

How to Use Essential Oils – An Essential oils Guide

This essential oils guide will help you understand how to use the essential oils, how to combine them and how to use their properties for improving the quality of life. The aromatic plants extracts have been used for thousands of years as a source of healing agents, and it is now gaining more popularity. However, in order to properly use the plants, the essential oils or any other form of extract from plants we need to know their properties and contraindications.

How to Do a Self Head Massage

Shiatsu Neck Massager
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Head Massage is one of the best and easiest natural ways to maintain a good health. Head massage does not require privacy, and we can keep all the clothes on during the massage. The best thing about it is that you can give yourself a head massage anytime and anywhere.

How To Do Feet Massage

Feet Massage Reflexology

Feet massage is probably one of the most condensed massage techniques. By working on an small area, you will not only relax and invigorate the feet muscles, but the whole body will get the benefits of a feet massage because of the high number of reflex points present in this zone.

Seated Massage or Chair Massage is Convenient and Effective

Chair Massage

Chair Massage – also known as Seated Massage or On-site Massage Therapy, is a massage type that involves the use of a specially designed massage chair in which the client sits comfortably.
Seated massage has evolved and it now includes massage techniques from Shiatsu and Swedish massage, but it can also include pressopuncture or Deep Tissue techniques as required by your customer. It can be provided on-site at a variety of venues including businesses, social events, health fairs, conferences, etc.

Introduction to Massage – Learn a New Skill

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Massage techniques have been long known as a way to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote general well-being. More and more people learn massage; some just for fun, some for a job, some will learn it as a way to socialize, while others as way to provide care for the loved ones. This article shows why you should learn massage.

Massage Career Advice and Information

Massage Therapist at Work

Massage therapy is becoming one of the most popular career choices in North America. The interest in massage therapy has grown considerably over the past years and the number of massage therapy schools, massage colleges, and massage training raised dramatically.

Private Health Insurance for Massage Therapy

I am fortunate enough to have massage therapy included on my private health insurance, and this is great. However not everybody gets their massage sessions paid by an insurer, I just found out about diferent health systems, and how massage is included or not.

How To Do Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage with Oil
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Learn how to give an Indian Head Massage, what are the benefits of head massage and its history. Learn the essential techniques to become a head massage expert, the popular colleague at your workplace or the massage healer in your family. Step by step tutorial through the various procedures used in a head massage.

How To Lose Weight Overall

Healthy Eating Habits

Losing a few extra pounds from your body mass is probably one of the greatest things for your health. But you want to lose weight from all over you body, and not only from certain parts. We have some great tips for you, if you feel you just can’t shed those pounds.