Remedies for Hair Fall – Scalp Massage

Indian Head Massage an Ancient Remedy for Hair Fall

Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique and is a widely spread practice. It is an Indian tradition and the knowledge passes from generation to generation in many Indian families as a grooming ritual.

Scientific Research

Scalp Massage for Hair Loss

Although Indians use scalp massage as a known remedy for many hair problems, the Western world needed proof that this is not just anecdotal information.
There is research to confirm that head massage combined with essential oils is effective for treating at least Alopecia Areata. This is a form of partial alopecia more commonly met in women. More about the research in this article on the NIH website:

Indian Head Massage Works Best as a Preventative Measure

Head Massage can help you have a beautiful healthy hair. The best way is to use Head Massage as a prevention tool and not a corrective one. It is always harder to heal than to prevent.
Nonetheless Indian Head massage will help you regain your healthy hair even if the damage has started. But you will need time and patience to get back your hair health. If you care for the health of your hair you should start having regular Head Massages.

How can Scalp Massage help your hair?

Hair loss in many cases is the lack of vitamins and minerals. This deficiency is many times caused by a bad peripheral circulation. Indian Head Massage benefits you in many ways; a few of them are listed here:
  • It increases the blood circulation of the head and the neck area. Blood circulation increases the amount of nutrients and Oxygen carried to the skin in your Head area.
  • It facilitates the absorption of massage oils (essential or carriers). The massage oils in turn carry nutrients and substances to promote hair health.
  • It relaxes and promotes mental balance (a lot of hair problems cases are related to poor stress management and emotional distress)
  • It strengthens the hair follicles by local stimulation.
  • It increases the scalp flexibility.
  • It promotes new hair growth and also strengthens the existing hairs.
  • It conditions and softens the hair.
  • Scalp massage helps in relaxing muscles of the neck area promoting relaxation and unblocking blood circulation towards the head.
  • Scalp and hair massage promotes sound sleep through the night.
  • Massage oils, (aromatherapy oils), nourish the skin and the hairs and stimulate the hair growth.

Scalp Massage Compressions

Scalp Massage Techniques

Compressions on the skull will help your client relax. It is well known that one of the important of hair loss is the stress. Any relaxation technique will help your client better cope with difficult situations in their life. Use your fingertips and press with moderate pressure, holding the pressure for a couple of seconds. Move a half of inch every time.

Scalp Massage – Hair Pulling Technique

The hair pulling scalp massage technique consists of, as the name suggests it, hair pulling. Dab some hair oil on your fingers, grasp a few hairs from their roots, and start to pull them in the direction of hair growth, and not in the opposite direction. This will ensure a no pain hair pulling. Let the hair slide through your fingers until you reach the end of the hairs. After pulling one strand, repeat on another thread until you do the whole head. This technique is not recommended for people with major hair loss because the follicles are already weak and this will cause too much hair to fall. Traction alopecia is also a case where this isn’t recommended.

Make Your Own Head Massage Oil Blend

There are a lot of Head Massage blends on the market; however you can make your own blend for a better control of the oil quality and of the combination. A good massage oils base for an Indian Head Massage can be a combination of Grape-seeds oils, (facilitates absorption), Sesame seeds, (very nourishing), Jojoba, (very healthy for your skin). The percentage could be Jojoba 3ml, Grape-seeds 10ml and Sesame 10ml. The percentage of Grape-seeds and Sesame seeds oils can be adjusted to your liking.
The Essential oil blend could be the following combination: thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar-wood.
Use two drops of thyme, three drops of lavender, three drops of rosemary, and 2 drops of cedar-wood oils in the Massage Oils Carrier described above. Do not use more essential oil or you’ll burn your skin.

Indian Scalp Massage – Tabla Technique

Tabla is a traditional, percussion Indian head massage technique. The movements remind us of playing the Indian musical instrument “tabla”. To start, spread fingers and lightly tap the skull using only the fingers’ articulation. This creates a rain like movement, with a great relaxation potential.

Indian Head Massage – the Champi Technique

Champi is another tapotement technique and is specific to Indian head massage. It is also called double hacking. The technique is performed with the hands held together like in a prayer, with the fingers spread out. Using a very low force tap the shoulders, neck and head. The move is obtained by using a wrist motion.

Scalp Massage – Hair Plucking

The plucking technique involves briefly pulling the hair, plucking at the scalp like a bird pecking. Repeat this movement all over the head. This technique increases circulation and strengthen the hair follicles. Do not use this hair massage techniques for persons with very weak hair follicles, as you might pull too much hair.

Self Massage for hair growth

Massage your scalp using hair massage oil blend every day for a few minutes and let the oil on the skin for a half an hour or more. You can then wash your hair.

Expect results in 2-6 months.



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