About Me

I am an inactive Alternative Medicine practitioner.
I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada.

My name is Dorian and I am a massage practitioner and a native of Eastern Europe.

I have been practicing massage since 1997. I specialize in Swedish Massage, Head Massage, (Champissage), Reiki and Energy Rebalancing.

I first noticed my inclination for Massage therapy when I was ten. I was able to appease headaches, toothaches and other minor conditions using my hands. For a long time I didn’t have access at any training as an Alternative Medicine practitioner because the communist regime, at that time, would restrict the access to the profession to only blind people. After the change of regime I was able to pursue my dream and have formal training for massage.

I also was an enthusiastic Yoga devotee for a few years; I eventually abandoned Yoga as a way of life. I still practice a few asana from time to time as physical exercise. The Yoga experience gave me a deeper understanding of the subtle energy flow in our bodies and how this is linked to our mind and spirit.

I had my first Energy Healing training with practitioners from the old Soviet Federation. That only opened my curiosity and my desire to advance my knowledge in Alternative Medicine. I was more than thrilled when I had the opportunity to study the Tibetan Energy Therapy directly from the source with a Tibetan Monk. That experience changed the course of my life and this site is an attempt to give something back.

After a while, my restless spirit wanted to experience more and I ended up being involved in the IT, (what a huge change…). A few years after that, I left my birth country for North America. I now live in Ottawa – Canada and I work as an IT Systems Administrator for an International company. This site is one of my life projects in my attempt to promote Alternative Medicine as not only a viable healing method but as a way of life.