Emotional Massage

Emotional massage is a massage modality, dealing with the emotional and psychological health. All massage types play a role in the management of emotions, but emotional massage is totally focused in this direction and it is therefore more effective.

All types of massage techniques play an important role in the management of emotions, and it is well known that many people have strong emotional releases during regular massage sessions. Emotional massage takes this a step further, because all of the techniques of this special modality are created to balance emotionally. Emotional massage is totally focused in this direction and is more effective. This is an surprisingly little known method, with very few trained therapists. However, the modality gains popularity due to our increasingly busy lives, and the increasing need to find a balance in our emotional and psychological life.

The Principles of Emotional Massage

The duration of a session is not fixed, the emotional state of the patient is taken into account. The applied techniques will allow the patients to handle their emotions, and will help them to find the perfect balance. Applying special maneuvers on the body, the practitioner will also affect the mind. The practitioner adapts his/her performance based on the reactions of the patient. The rules and the course of a session are not very well defined, and the massage therapist must try to respond diferently, accordin to each individual’s needs.

Emotional Massage Techniques

It is traditionally performed on the floor, and a session lasts between 1 h and 1:30 h, but for some people it can be as short as 30 minutes for the initial sessions, for adjustment with the technique, and the therapist. The practitioner uses specific massage oils, and many times the oils are personalized picks. The session begins by relieveing the muscles, through performing soft massage techniques. Then, when the practitioner thinks that the receiver is fully relaxed, he or she will continue with slightly more pressure on specific points determined in function of the condition. The massage can then be finished with light touches and by energy healing maneuvers to stimulate the vital energy.

Benefits of the Emotional Massage

  • It releases some blockages at the emotional levels.
  • It has a great relaxation power and the relaxation has usually a long term effect, and it will last through the days following.
  • It allows patients to acknowledge deep hidden emotional suffering.

Emotional massage works on the person as a whole and heals on both the psychological and the physiologic levels.

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