Introduction to Massage – Learn a New Skill

Massage techniques have been long known as a way to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote general well-being. More and more people learn massage; some just for fun, some for a job, some will learn it as a way to socialize, while others as way to provide care for the loved ones. This article shows why you should learn massage.

Why learn massage

Have you ever wanted to learn massage? Massage techniques have been long known as a way to reduce stress, relieve pain and promote general wellbeing, besides offering a sensual treat!

Why learn massage? From Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, to the Huangdi Neijing, the standard medical text of ancient China, authorities on medicine have advised us to learn massage. While scientific evidence for the effectiveness of massage methods in treating specific conditions is limited, research is underway, and recent studies have shown significant improvements in anxiety, hypertension, and chronic pain.

Can anyone learn to give a body rub?

Now more people than ever are discovering just how easy it is to learn to give a good back rub. Massage comes in a variety of forms: Swedish, Thai, and Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, hot stone, trigger point, and deep tissue massage, to name but a few. Can anyone learn to give a body rub? Yes! Anyone can quickly learn some very simple but effective massage techniques. There are a lot of free videos and tutorials on the Internet. If you are more serious about it you can buy a massage DVD, or even go to a massage school, to start a career.

Massage Benefits

Massage includes a wide repertoire of stroke types: light touches, long strokes, circular movements, rubbing, kneading, and gentle chopping strokes. Knowing how and where to apply these different sorts of strokes is important for creating the best and most relaxing experience for your subjects. There are also forms of massage that are used by athletes to loosen up and energize the muscles, to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. You can learn massage techniques designed to help stiff joints, to improve the circulation, and even massage procedures to aid digestion.

Some techniques of massage work by stimulating the lymphatic system. It’s also thought that massage triggers the release of chemical messengers such as endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, and serotonin, which is known to have a positive effect on mood.

Source: Nick J Webb - Flickr.comBack Pain Relief

A 2008 review of 13 clinical trials showed that back massage may be an effective treatment for chronic low-back pain; the American College of Physicians recommends that doctors consider massage, among other complementary treatments, for patients with chronic low-back pain who do not respond to more conventional remedies.

If you are a back pain suferer, and just got a massage, everyone will notice a mood change on your face.

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This massage oil is a blend of tropical nut oils, which are rich in essential fatty acids to soften, soothe, and smooth yours or your client’s skin. This is a mix of kukui, sunflower, and coconut with linseed and macadamia nut oil. It penetrates deep and is absorbed quickly, holding in moisture without leaving excess oil. Kukui nut oil is one of nature’s greatest skin remedies. It is good for all skin types.
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Head Massage a Handy Subset

Head massage techniques focus on releasing knots of tension in the neck and shoulders, and on easing stress that manifests in the jaw and facial muscles. Just as a tense or awkward posture can lead to pain in the back and limbs, tension in the face has a feedback effect on our emotions. Massage can ease this tension. A head massage is a useful technique to know, as it can be performed anywhere; no need for the person who is receiving the massage to undress. It is ideal for quick stress relief while traveling or in situations where a full body massage is not possible.

That said, there’s nothing quite like a full body massage for total immersion. Body massage techniques work on the whole body to soothe stresses and undo tension in every area. Full body massage treats the person as a whole, calming mind and body together.

Source: Nick J Webb - Flickr.comMassage as a Hobby or as a Career?

Whether you want to learn massage as a hobby or you are thinking at massage as a career, it’s well worth your while to start learning massage!

Massage is always going to be current and people from your circles would do anything to sample your magic touch.
As a job, it is one of the most relaxed professions, financially rewarded and with a flexible schedule.