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Massage therapy is becoming one of the most popular career choices in North America. The interest in massage therapy has grown considerably over the past years and the number of massage therapy schools, massage colleges, and massage training raised dramatically.

Massage therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular career choices in the US today, the interest in massage therapy has grown considerably over the past decade and there has been a sharp up rise in the number of massage therapy schools, massage colleges, and massage classes for training those interesting in this unique medical art.

Massage Therapy a Growing Industry

A massage as a career has also become more popular with its integration into Western health care practices as effective because in massage therapy can augment the healing process in certain medical situations. Across the US, a career in massage therapy has never been more accessible than today. Especially today with the rise in massage income and overall massage salary, this career is now more profitable than ever as well.

Is Massage a Career for You?

First, you should evaluate your interest in massage as a career, because it’s more than just rubbing shoulders, so to speak. A rewarding career in massage therapy means not only completing the training and becoming certified, you may have to set up your own practice or join an established program. In either case, you should weigh all the options first before heading down the massage therapy career path.

In other words, if you do it just for the money, you’ll soon hate it. Save yourself money and time and don’t do it.

Massage Training and Certification

For those who have decided to pursue a career in massage therapy, effective training and certification are the next steps. You should look for an accredited institution, usually a college or technical training center to begin the learning process of becoming a massage therapist. Be sure to give consideration to location, expense, and how you can cut down on the tuition cost, if there are scholarship programs or ways to help offset expenses. When you choose a massage school or find a massage school that is the right fit for you, be sure to explore all of your options and especially if they have a job placement program.

Above all, at the end of your massage training, you should be in position to acquire certification. This way your skills will be recognized anywhere you decide to work. This is important because gaining experience is your next step, from this you can go on to obtain far more profitable career goals, but for now it’s time get some experience under your belt.

Massage on a Cruise ShipMassage Job Opportunities

Besides the normal placement targets of massage therapy, which are usually hospitals and private practices, there are many different places a massage therapist can be employed. Sports teams, cruise ships, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, spas, and wellness centers just to name a few. If you specialize in Swedish massage for example, that may open up even more places where you can work.

Private Massage Practice

At some point, you may want to start your own practice. While the expense of getting loans, meeting tax requirements and developing business and marketing strategies may seem daunting at first, remember that you have had years of developing your experience and reputation as an effective massage therapist. There are many who can help guide you through the process, but the main reason to open your own practice is that you gain a considerable amount of control over your life. Perhaps you wish to start a family or settle down in one place. Opening a massage therapy practice also means you get to earn and keep more income and decide who you will work with.

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