How To Lose Weight Overall

Losing a few extra pounds from your body mass is probably one of the greatest things for your health. But you want to lose weight from all over you body, and not only from certain parts. We have some great tips for you, if you feel you just can’t shed those pounds.

Overall Weight Loss Tips

Losing a few extra pounds from your body mass is probably one of the greatest things for your health. Overall weight loss is the best way to go, and the easiest, because we naturally slim down from all around the body, when we use any weight loss technique. In fact losing a few pounds overall is simpler that many people think. However, some people will always lose fat from a certain part of the body, and maintain fat on a certain parts. If you are one of those people, you need to have a special plan and be persistent until your body starts to steadily burn fat from the problem sites.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Habits Help You Control Weight

  I probably don’t have to tell you this, but most people who are overweight, have problems with the quantity of food ingested. Most of the people who have a good BMI don’t need to calculate calories, because their body is already trained to eat only what it needs. The quantity and quality of food, combined with a strict eating schedule is a winning method of keeping control of what you eat. People who snack are most likely to gain weight because the digestion cycle is interrupted too often and the food is not properly digested. Snack should be one or two of your meals, and be considered as part of your eating routine and scheduled as all the important meals. Snacking is one of the worst eating habits, it is a subterfuge to eat whenever you want, and snacking should be replaced by regular meals. Snacking in many cultures doesn’t exist. See below a list of healthy eating habits.

Healthy Eating Habits List

Here is a list of healthy eating habits, things that you need to do to ensure you have a proper attitude towards eating:

  • Eat at least 3 meals a day, and at most 6 meals a day, (have a meal or snack every 3 hours or longer).
  • Try to eat your meals at the same time every day, this way your body is better prepared for digestion. Regular eating habits are one of the best ways to increase food absorption.
  • Listen to your body, eat when your body tells you, but then make that a schedule.
  • Do not eat less than 3 meals, as this is going to make gain more weight.
  • Calculate your calories no matter what, it is going to be harder at first, because you need to list all of your foods and find how many calories have each of them. You will be surprised about some foods.
  • Keep a log of everything you eat, even if you eat more than planned certain days, you need to be very accurate, with your log. People who keep a food log lose more weight than those who don’t keep one.
  • When you write down your calories, be accurate, including, the added oil, spices, etc%u2026 Many little details can mean sometimes differences of 300 calories, and for someone on a diet this is a lot.
  • Eat slowly with small bites, and chew the food properly. Try to feel the taste of the food you eat, this will have two results, will slow down your eating, and will let you enjoy more the flavors and aromas of food. When you eat too fast your brain doesn’t have the time to process the information from the stomach, so you will eat more until your brain acknowledges the sensation of a full stomach. This in turn will create a vicious circle, because your stomach enlarges and you tend to eat even more.
  • Eliminate sugar from your diet, if you are overweight, your diet doesn’t need and extra-calories. Eat fruits and vegetables, but no candy, cake, ice-cream, soda, or sweets. If you need to sweeten your coffee, that is OK, but if you drink 3 cups a day, that is already too much.
  • Don’t skip meals, when you skip meals you tend to eat more the next meal, and the body retains more calories from the food, because it adapts to the new situation, and it wants to store energy.
  • Eat food at home more often. When you go out to a restaurant, you tend to eat more because you paid it. Also many North American restaurants, serve huge portions to keep their customers happy. The other benefit of eating at home is that you know what’s in the food, calories, ingredients, etc…

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Green Coffee Extract

NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Watch Your Diet

You Are What You Eat

Vegetables and DairyWatch what you eat, and try to eat only food that brings you nutrients. You need to make a healthy balance between vegetables, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Your worst enemy is the sugar. Sugar has little nutritional value, yet it is very high in calories. Some people count their calories, and are only paying attention to this. But eating cake, and then cutting down on fruit and vegetables so the calorie diet plan is met, is not good either. Soda, fruit juices, are huge sources of calories. I drink a cup of coffee per day and I add 2 teaspoons of sugar, and that’s about all. Two teaspoons of sugar are 50 calories, a cup of cola soda has about 130 calories. Occasionally, maybe once a week, I eat some cake, or chocolate, but that’s all, go for the fine patisserie products, they taste better, Remember, you don’t need sugar in your diet. Make sure you include in your meal plenty of vegetables, it’s OK if you cook them, raw foods diets are a trend now, but not everybody’s stomach is made for digesting raw food. Do not starve yourself of fat, a very low fat diet will not help you lose weight, it will make you less healthy. There are important assimilation processes that don’t work without fat. Also you body needs fat for its health. Make sure you eat enough protein, if you don’t you will be hungry more often, and consequently eat more often. Your body will starve. If your daily diet includes 3000 calories, and the normal amount for you would be around 1800 calories, don’t reduce this suddenly, you rather go through 3 weeks accommodation periods. First period should be 2700, and next 3 weeks period should be 2300 calories, and only after that go to 1800. This will make easier to adapt to your new regimen and not give up. The keyword here is keep a balance in your diet.

Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss

This product is a great addition to green coffee extract, and it complements it. People reported more benefits than the weight loss, but also some side effects, but it is one of the best ways to escape the plateau.

Raspberry ketone is a natural phenol, that is found in raspberries, and it is the main compound that is responsible of the raspberry’s aroma. This ketone is also found in other berries like blackberries and cranberries. The ability of the raspberry ketone to help in weight control, stems from its ability to regulate adiponectin production, a slim’s people protein, that regulates the metabolism. It is reported that people who are slim produce more of the adiponectin. An interesting fact is the the structure of the raspberry ketone is very similar to the structure of synephrine and capsaicin, two other compounds known to have effects on the metabolism of fat. Here is an abstract of the Japanese research, on the efficacy of the raspberry ketone on obesity: Raspberry ketones will help you burn fat, will give you an extra boost of energy, and will improve your mood. As side effects we can mention the loss of appetite, a raise of the blood pressure, and heart rate.

Exercise Is the Best Way to Lose Overall Weight

What Exercises Do You Need To Loose Weight

Girl ExercisingI know you heard and read this a lot. But trust me, exercise is going to help a lot. Exercise is not only a way to burn calories, but it is a way to balance your body and stay healthy. It is also a way to improve food assimilation and metabolism. However, don’t rely solely on exercise to burn all of those extra calories and reduce that extra fat, because that won’t work. You will see that exercising burns a limited amount of calories and if your plan doesn’t include other activities to burn calories your results will be have to wait. Don’t think about exercising as the grueling regime that makes you hate losing weight. In fact many thin people don’t do extreme exercising, not even running. The key to constant, continuous weight losing is to be active. If you need to force yourself to get off the couch, make a schedule to include walking to shopping, going to non-exercising activities like pottery, theatre, dancing, anything that makes you feel good and get you off the couch and outside of the house. Being healthy is not only a schedule, it is an attitude, if you feel good, you will put effort and energy in what you do and you will burn calories. Harvard Medical School published here a list with many activities and the amount of calories burned for each one of them. You can pick the activities that suits you most, and that are gentle for your joints and are of lower impact in general. There is a high chance to give up after a couple of weeks of intense exercising because of the injuries and the pain. So instead of doing 30 minutes of grueling aerobics, (311 calories), or kickboxing, (444 calories), you can do one hour of billiards, or dancing, or bowling, (around 250 calories), and it is a fun and entertaining activity. Just get off the couch and do things that you like. The list with the amount of calories burned for various activities and sports is here: calories burned per type of activity. In fact too much exercise could have quite the opposite effect. Many professional athletes gain weight after they stop competing. That is because they cannot adjust the food portions right away, but their amount of calorie burned is a lot lower. The effect is the same for someone who extreme-exercises and then when the objective is reached they stop suddenly. They will regain the lost weight very fast. The keyword when talking about losing weight is slow and steady. There is a common misconception that exercising your abdomen will burn fat on the abdominal area, or when running will make you lose weight only on the legs. This is not true, the fat will be lost more or less uniform from all of the body. The exercised muscles however will be toned and strengthened more than the other. So any type of exercise will help you lose weight all over your body.

Herbal Tea for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Herbal Tea

Herbal Weight Loss Tea

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Good Food Digestion and Assimilation are Key to Overall Weight Loss

What Is Food Assimilation

The term “food assimilation” sounds scary for many people who try to lose a few pounds, because it sounds like they are going to store more from the food they eat. In reality proper assimilation of food means a complete digestion and will not lead to fat deposits. In contrast a poor assimilation will lead to fat deposits. When we talk about human food processing, our body is first digesting, then absorbing, and lastly assimilating the food, in order to make it available. During digestion the food is broken-down into very small particles, so it can be absorbed. The total transit time of food, from ingestion to elimination, averages around 55 hours. You should not eat earlier than 3 hours, if you had a full meal, you cannot be really hungry before the 3 hours window. If you eat more often than three hours, you break the digestion cycle, and the food is not properly digested. During the assimilation, the food is transformed into tissue. Sometimes, if we eat disorganized, at random times, our body thinks that it cannot rely on a food source, and it stores up food as fat, for later use.

Weight Loss Secrets, Tips and Tricks

  • Acupuncture Acupuncture is a great tool in your quest to loose overall weight. It can be used in two ways, to suppress hunger, and to improve digestion. However, acupuncture usually treats one condition at a time. It had tremendously helped many people to lose weight.
  • Environment It is very important to be in a healthy environment, that promotes a healthy life, and supports and encourages. If at home you miss this you will need tons of willpower to fight with all the temptation. Before embarking on this, talk to everyone in the family and find out if they can and are willing to provide the needed environment. Having someone eating an ice-cream in front of you is huge temptation.
  • Willpower Motivate yourself, find someone who can support you when your motivation is down. Having a written manifest of your journey might help you when you are down, or you miss sugar.
  • Patience Don’t expect results in the first day, and don’t stress when you reach the plateau. Have patience and you will be rewarded. Sometimes the hardest part is the last pound or two. You can lose 80% of your target in two weeks, and the rest of 20% in two months or even more. Be patient, the rule here is “slow and steady”. As long as you don’t gain weight, you are on the good path. However, if you need to lose a considerable amount of weight, and not progressing, you might reconsider your plan.
  • Be Active Any kind of an active life will make you lose weight. Your worst enemy is just sitting on the couch, in front of the TV.
  • Healthy Life A healthy life doesn’t mean only physical activity and diet. It also means getting out often, avoiding alcohol and smoking, sleeping well, and keeping the environment tidy.
  • Be Happy Very intense emotions, and stress can trigger emotional eating. Try to avoid any stress during your regimen. Learn to understand your emotions, triggers, and stressing situations, and avoid eating in these situations.
  • Treat Food as an Addiction Some foods are more addictive than other, and sugar is among the most addictive ones. You know you don’t need it, yet you have it. It takes a while to get the sugar out of your brain and become free of this little addiction. If you understand that it is the addiction that speaks when you crave sugar, you are a step further.
  • Sleep Well Have a regular sleep schedule and try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night. There is evidence that people who don’t get enough sleep start to gain weight. This little adjustment will benefit you with your overall health as well.