How To Create Massage Ambiance

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Massage Needs the Proper Ambiance

Tips to Make Your Client Comfortable During Massage

It is very important for a therapist to ensure the proper atmosphere during the massage session. This is an extremely important sequence of the session and it begins the second you speak, or you meet your new customer.

There are a few tricks you can use to make your client comfortable.
You can ask your client if they are uncomfortable being nude, if this their first massage session, or if there is anything specific that they are expecting from your massage. Another trick is to explain ahead the course of a session so they would know what to expect, especialy if they are a new client. While you massage them you can explain a few of the moves. Let them know that the session is interactive and they can always ask for adjustments and changes. You can set a nice ambiance no matter the place. This can be done with minimum of effort.


How To Set the Mood for Massage

  • Use essential oils to set the mood. Aromatherapy is a complex science but if you learn the very basis there should be enough to help you chose the right fragrances. Attention, don’t use the oils randomly, you might obtain unexpected results.
  • Use sound therapy. You can use CD’s with sounds from nature like the sea or a water spring, or the wind blowing, or you can use special relaxation music. There are numerous companies which distribute such disks.
  • Use the right light and color environment. The light should be chosen to be relaxing and calming – the sunlight is the best. The walls’ color is important and if can be changed based on the client’s needs it is best. Some studios have three walls painted in a neutral colour, such as white and one coloured wall. This fourth wall is mobile and it can flipp so that its colour changes. As a minimum, you should have linens of different colors.
  • Fresh air and the right temperature are very important as well. Using the aromatherapy doesn’t mean you don’t need fresh air anymore. The temperature in the room should be a little higher than in an office, remember your client is nude and is relaxing, so his body is not producing heat anymore. Most of people get cold during a massage therapy.
  • Use a calm tone of your voice, and don’t speak too loud. This helps relaxing.
  • Don’t wisper as this could be missinterpreted. 

Other Settings

If you are looking for information on how to setup a massage session for your loved one, you should give it a romantic tone. Use scented candles and have a couple of vases with fresh flowers. Regardless of your intent, you should have clean sheets on the massage table and for covering your loved one. More tips on couple’s massage here.



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