How To Conclude a Massage session

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Ending a massage is as important as the beginning of a session. It concludes your 30 to 60 minutes of work. Maintain your patient as relaxed as possible.

Concluding a massage session

Ending a massage is as important as the beginning of a session. It concludes your 1 hour work and a small mistake can leave a bitter taste for your client. You can end the massage with effleurage nerve strokes on the entire back. This is a very nice conclusion of the session, is not disturbing in any way, and it makes the transition to non-massage very smooth.

I choose sometimes to finish the session with a short head massage. The head massage is an extremely efficient way to relax. A head massage at the end of a massage therapy session greatly improves the results. The massaged person is very relaxed and fully prepared for the more subtle reflexotherapy techniques of a head massage.

At the end of the session make sure you are as less intrusive as you can with your patient. Try to keep the patient away from stress. Some people fall asleep during a massage. Make the transition back as smooth as possible. If possible, (most of the times it isn't), give them the option to take a power nap at the end. It will be the most relaxing sleep ever, for them. Obviously, this is not possible in a spa setting, but is perfect for a massage at home.

I have been asked if it's OK to take a shower after a massage. There is nothing wrong with that, however doing so diminishes the action of the massage oils applied. Make sure the shower is warm and avoid cold places after taking the shower. Your body is very relaxed after a massage session and it lowers the temperature thus, you can be more exposed to a cold.

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