Why do we need essential oils and how can we use essential oils?

Essential Oils are not a luxury they are merely a neccessity. Essential oils are an excellent way to maintain a good health.

Why do we need essential oils?

No drugs can replace the beneficial effects of plants.

We all became city beings who don’t have the time for complicated herbal treatments.We slowly isolated from nature in big urban agglomerations. It is not possible anymore to live the same lifestyle as our ancestors. Aromatic plants are slowly disappearing from our alimentary habits. We don’t drink herbal tea anymore and we don’t prepare food with a variety of spices. In the past plants used to be our main source of medicines. They were used in our daily diet as tea, spices, jams, alcoholic beverages and they were used as medicines in various forms, (decoct, infusions, inhalation, tinctures, powders, aromatic bags, etc…)

The drug industry can create synthetic drugs that will solve part of our problems. However drug industry focuses more on the treatment of diseases and not prevention. And sometimes the drug’s target is the attenuation of the effect and not the elimination of cause.

The alternative for herbal remedies are the essential oils.

How can we use essential oils?
You can use essential oil in different ways depending on the kind of oil and your preference:

  • Use it on an old Potpourri that lost its scent
  • onto a small piece of cloth while drying your clothes in your drying machine
  • Add a few drops in a spray
  • Put a few drops in water in a potpourri pot or in a micro-diffuser.
  • Add a few drops in a bathtub.
  • Add a few drops in your humidifier.
  • Add a few drops to a base oil like Sweet Almond or Grape-seed oil and massage yourself.
  • Add a few drops to carrier that is very quickly absorbed such as Jojoba oil and massage your head and face. This is very healthy for your skin.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil on the heat filters. Fir or Cinnamon Bark or Eucalyptus would be a good choice for flu prevention.
  • Add 3-5 drops in a in facial steamer or in a bowl of warm water and cover your head and the bowl with a large towel. This is great as a skin care treatment or for inhalation.
  • Add a 3 drops to moistened clay and apply as a facial mask.
  • Use a few drops to a warm water compress and apply to the sore muscles.
  • Cautions have to be taken when you use essential oils. The concentration should be between 1% and 5% depending on the oil. Some oils are highly irritant so never apply directly on the skin or in higher concentration than recommended. Do not ingest essential oils, some of them are toxic. Some aromatic oils increase your sensitivity to the sun so avoid using before going out or to a tanning booth. Do a patch test if you have allergies. Avoid direct inhalation of oils, (from the bottle), as some of them have a very high rate of volatilization and you would inhale too much substance. Pregnant women should be careful when using essential oils or seek the advice of a doctor. Newborns and infants should never use essential oils in any form.

    Skin treatment essential oil blend
    Add a few drops of Lemon oil (therapeutic grade) and a little more of Sea-buckthorn oil in a base of a highly absorbed oil such as Jojoba or Grape-seed. Use this combination to massage your face for a healthy skin. You will be amazed by the results obtained in days.

    Sensual Massage blend
    You can make your own sensual massage oil blend. Use 1 oz (30 ml) of Jojoba or Grape-seed oil as your carrier. Add 4 drops of Rose essential oil and 6 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil. Make sure you use therapeutic grade oils. If you plan a longer massage you can mix in a 50/50% the Jojoba and Grape-seed oils because Jojoba gets absorbed very easy.