Massage prices and tips to save for a Massage

What is the correct price for a massage?
How can you get discounts or get free Massage? Do we have to tip a Massage Therapist?

Massage Prices

The rates for a massage therapy vary by region. Usually in the more agglomerated areas the prices are higher, the less busy the area the lower the rate. In North America the rates can vary in the range of $50 to $100 for an hour. However we can find places that can charge even more than that.

When you choose a Massage therapist don’t judge it by the price, if you want to try a new place ask for references, as a new customer you can ask for a first time discount, so if don’t like it you can minimize the loss. Some places are really cheap because they know how to deal with the human resources. Make your research by asking friends or customers or by Internet before going to a new place.

Tips To Save For A Massage

Find a massage school nearby. Most of the massage schools will offer free or very cheap massage sessions so that the students would get the necessary experience.
This might sound a little adventurous, but some of those students are good therapists. Do your homework and act as you would do for searching a massage therapist, ask around about the students and request to be massaged by a student with good references.
In time, if you become a regular client, the school staff will always direct you to the most skilled students.