Comprehensive List of Massage Modalities

List of Massage Modalities Based on the employed techniques and the desired effects on the body, we can distinguish a multitude of massage modalities or massage types. Abhyanga: is a highly relaxing, Ayurvedic practice, comprised of a gentle whole body massage, using warm massage oils. Amma Therapy: is an ancient Chinese massage form that works … Read more

Massage oils – The Best Carrier Oils

Coconut Oil

The carrier oils used in massage are vegetal oils used as a base for incorporating aromatherapy oils. The base makes up more than 90 percent of the massage oil, so its gliding properties, and the rate of absorption in the skin will be majorly determined by it. The carrier should be ultimately the massage therapist’s choice, as opposed to the essential oils which should be chosen based on the patient’s preferences.

Massage Contraindications and Rules for Giving Massage

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Things to avoid when you give a Massage Massage is perceived as the most non-harmful medical practice and it is one of the most risk free medical procedures. However, there are situations when we should not give a massage or ask a physician’s opinion before doing it. Conditions in which Massage Is Contraindicated The massage … Read more

How to Give the Best Sensual Massage

Erotic massage is the use of massaging techniques for erotic purposes or for therapeutic reasons. Sensual massage is a great way to build closeness with your partner. Giving a sensual massage to someone you love is not difficult, it is a natural instinct. You need however, to follow some rules if you want your bodywork to be a success.

10 key benefits of therapeutic massage

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This is a list of key benefits of therapeutic massage. We list the most important benefits, of massage as a healing procedure, and not as recreational. Massage is very underestimated as a preventative medical act, and this is probably one of the biggest misses of massage therapist, to emphasize the prophylactic value of bodywork therapies.